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Our company, which aims at continuous development, takes advantage of the latest technological developments in Mechanical and Electrical-Electronics Engineering in order to provide high quality and performance in design, production, assembly and quality control processes. In order to achieve this, our company continues to increase its R&D investments, taking into account customer satisfaction.

Turkey and products to the world market in each country where the appropriate standards of quality and service to the appropriate service, realizes thanks to long years of experience in the industry and supports the continued development of internal dynamics.

For banks, exchange offices, corporate firms, shops, hairdressers, hospitals, hotels and casinos, paper money, coins, gold, silver, game cards in casinos, hair cutting materials used in hairdressers, shoes and clothing 99.97% effective sterilization systems.

It works with ion technology. Our products are primarily produced with the simpler "Ozone" technology. However, scientific research has shown that ion technology is more effective on Covid-19. Therefore, ion technology has been used.

TORUKO, appreciated all over the world, T.C. It has been approved by the MINISTRY OF HEALTH ACCREDITED LABORATORY. The conformity of the product with the health norms of the European Union countries has been approved and our product has CE certificate. In addition, TURKAK and ISO 9001 certificates are available.

Our products, which are exported to 57 countries, especially to America, Germany, Japan, Korea and the Netherlands, have managed to become a world brand with the feature of being the most effective product on Covid-19.